Trio d'Argent

 ... le souffle nomade

The Trio d'Argent... le Souffle Nomade

The artistic project of the Trio d'Argent - Souffle nomade is characterized by a constant dialogue between contemporary creation, traditional music and the often unpublished repertoire written for the flute trio between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. This permanent exchange is materialized by the development of artistic projects in connection with composers and artists from other artistic disciplines (painting, circus, dance, theatre...) and by the use of new digital technologies of sound and image processing in real time.


With a breath of fresh air, the Trio d’Argent has conceived a unique sound material, far removed from the standards usually attributed to the flute as a classical instrument. With the addition of three bass flutes, three alto-flutes and three piccolos, as well as various traditional bamboo flutes, the trio has created a highly original spectrum of sound.